Confession As a Social Media Strategist

02/26/2015 16:15

Ever due to the fact Facebook has emerged because the most common social media tool, it has influenced the lives of people across the globe. It really is an innovation of its kind inside the world-wide-web globe that is currently a household to such technological breakthroughs including Google, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter and so forth. In contrast to other social networks, Facebook has managed to target mass industry by way of its user friendly, intriguing and attractive capabilities and applications. Customers from distinctive demographics no matter any profession were conveniently attracted to its straightforward and innovative layout. This occurred simply because Facebook managed to cater their basic social want which is the main human instinct.

Now that Facebook has reached a stage exactly where it has began getting criticism from diverse Web Gurus for various causes like privacy difficulties, people have began speculating about its credible future. The downfall of its IPO had currently made a heated debate inside the web globe in regards to the survival of Facebook inside the extended run. Considering the fact that numerous other social networks such as Pinterest, are gaining momentum, therefore Facebook is anticipated to fade away like its descendent Orkut.

Now what is my point in explaining all the above theory? I think that it really is also early to create any conclusions on Facebook's future. Just because its IPO did not go properly and a few fantastic organizations withdrew their advertising funds in the internet site does not make it a loser. Becoming a social media strategist earlier, I nevertheless take into consideration Facebook as a highly effective tool to devise social media strategies for consumers. With all the emergence of different new social platforms on world-wide-web, the impact of Facebook might have diminished within the eyes of Social media experts however the target consumers i.e. the customers are nonetheless addicted to its apps.

I think that Facebook has managed to maintain their position in the social media cluster mainly because of its continuous innovation. Due to the fact innovation is one particular point that clicks the mind and people are usually hunting for change in their life. Facebook was the one that brought a social breeze inside the lives of folks and helped them expand their social network beyond their horizon.

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Apart from that Facebook is viewed as to be the biggest marketplace for enterprises and brands to target their consumers on net. Investors have realized the potential of online marketing on Facebook and have invested their cash in Facebook ads to marketplace their items to the right buyers. Facebook also supported them by launching distinct customized functions and apps which they could quickly utilize for their corporate advantages. No other social network was capable to merge each the interests of firms and prospects on a single platform. This approach was productive since it was not a typical supply and demand matchup, rather it offered opportunity to improve their inventive sphere and attain shoppers by means of non-traditional and exceptional promoting efforts.