Five tips about the selection for the high-quality sensor water taps

02/26/2015 02:04

Feb 13, 2015-America-Learn some tips about how to select the high quality sensor taps is very crucial as the sensor taps own higher technical contend and the low quality components will greatly affect the using for it. Today, specialized water taps online seller will tell people five factors about how to select and purchase this product.

First, consumers should pay more attention to the workmanship of the sensor taps they will purchase. The high quality faucets such as sensor taps LED Taps from do not have obviously scratches and the chrome on its brass body is textured. However, the low-cost sensor faucet has very poor chrome faucet body and the weight of this poor is very light. In theory, the low quality sensor taps could not bear with the 24 hours salt spraying test. The famous bathroom sink taps online seller remind each people that the good sensor faucet has at least 500 grams or more body weight and could pass the 48 hours salt spray test. That is why the good quality products could own longer service life.

Second, each consumer should check whether the infrared sensors part of the sensor waterfall taps adopted the epoxy sealant or moisture treatment. On the other hand, please know about the connectors of high quality Wall Mounted Taps should pass the waterproof treatment. The circuit for these high End Products should uses low-power single-chip which has very good anti-interference ability for light. Furthermore, the sensing distance for the sensor waterfall taps should be adjusted manually.

Thirdly, the solenoid valve portion of high quality sensors taps should have good waterproof performance. Due to this part will be installed in the bottom of the basin for long period of time, it will be easily get moisture, which will cause poor contact and let the device enter into instable working situation. That is why the High Quality sensors taps always adopt the solenoid valve.

Fourthly, people should try to choose the supplier who has enough professional ability due to most of these online sellers for water faucets do not have enough guarantee for quality, after-sales and price. Here, we recommend with each people the famous water taps online seller

Fifthly, when people choose the supplier for their sensor taps or other related products, please also note whether the suppliers have the enough capacity for after-sale. Do not believe too many promises from these low quality suppliers and their low prices products which could only attract customer attention.

If consumers want to purchase the high quality sensor taps without any concern about the quality and other factors, please now get contact with famous water faucets online seller


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