Mobility and Real-Time Intelligence: The Digital Revolution in Realty

02/13/2015 03:46

In the actual estate business, which is an increasingly mobile profession, with brokers and agents running open houses, meeting prospective clients, executing on-site transactions and inspecting residential or industrial properties - all of this activity is both a symbol of chance, also as a reminder that, with teams of specialists working beyond a standard workplace, there should be an easy method to monitor all of those events in real-time.

Certainly, the (till lately) missing component to maximizing the usage of smartphones and tablets - unifying these devices, so pros can relay data to a central location and managers can greater assess how and when to deploy brokers - is now available for all corporations.

In sensible terms, this milestone is revolutionary for the reason that, after a broker features a smartphone or tablet, as well as a customized application, executives or Directors of Operations can see a digital map, color-coded to their specifications (green for brokers en route from a single meeting to one more, versus red for all those who're stationary or spending an uncommon amount of time in one particular spot), too as displays of how several agents are inside a particular area, how lengthy it takes an agent to guide existing or prospective clients on various property tours, and whether or not a territory requirements much more or fewer brokers to far better balance employee sources and customer wants.

This technologies resource is, far from an intrusive or invasive tool, a very important type of intelligence: It permits workplace managers to maximize their workforce, reposition brokers who might be a lot more productive in other regions and measure (in time, fuel fees along with the hours amongst meetings) how productive a broker is.

I create these words from expertise - and with enthusiasm - because the Vice President of Sales and Advertising and marketing, which actualizes the principles accountable for obtaining a successful mobile workforce. In fact, this solution, in contrast for the antiquated (but extremely highly-priced) “bricks” that UPS or FedEx drivers use to confirm delivery of a package, or some economic pros use as a means of securing a digital signature to get a lease or loan - our tool will be the economical, easy-to-use and secure answer just about every business can get pleasure from.

For REALTORS, for the hundreds of brokers who traverse broad swaths of territory (from downtown to the sea, or from suburban townships to city centers), this tool enables them to conduct and finalize transactions remotely, send that facts from their smartphone or tablet instantaneously, and broaden the circle of communications.

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If anything, this tool incentivizes brokers to market their achievements in real-time, without waiting to get a three- or six-month evaluation. A manager can see - the on-screen map is command central for all of this data - how many offers a broker closes inside a day, per week or even a month - without needing to reserve a workday to exclusively tabulate numbers, sift by means of piles of paper and concern post-event evaluation about a broker’s efficiency.

Also, this information and facts can reveal which neighborhoods possess the most activity, or which places have, say, a high concentration of For Sale signs but few visitors. In that situation - once again, in real-time - a manager can send their best agents, who might also be inside speedy driving distance in the home, to meet having a prospective purchaser who's en route for the identical location - and this approach seamlessly unfolds from the most important workplace, literally dispatching brokers to initiate or finalize a deal.

With this degree of simplicity and abundance of easy-to-decipher information, everybody is element of a strategically coordinated, rapidly responsive and extremely mobile organization. From there, clientele can delight in improved service and higher satisfaction, furthering the good word-of-mouth marketing and advertising that realtors require and every single business enterprise covets. So, yes, by integrating these options and streamlining operations, brokers can full much more transactions, earn larger commissions and be prepared to roll, so to speak, anytime a potential purchaser calls or a seller wants to list a house.

The complete rewards of obtaining a mobile workforce are now right here. By way of transparency of information and clarity of communication, we can transform the real estate business. That shift positive aspects everybody - buyers and sellers, and landlords and tenants - enabling managers to channel their resources and succeed, period.