Pokemon X & Pokemon Y Emulators in Progress (for Android, Mac & PC)

05/20/2015 18:26

Pokemon X (Pokettu Monsutta Ekkusu) and Pokemon Y (Pokettu Monsutta Wai) are role-playing games created by Games Freak under Nintendo’s Nintendo 3DS game console. On January 8, 2013, Satoru Iwata (Nintendo’s CEO), via Nintendo Direct, made the first announcement regarding its release on the 4th quarter of the same year.

Similar to previous Pokemon versions that are available on Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, the X and Y games highlight the adventures of a primary Pokemon trainer as s/he trains Pokemon - from the time the creatures were still in Poke balls, learn a new set of skills, adopt abilities, and visit different territories until their full evolution, and their encounters with the Elite Four and their ultimate battle to become the grand Pokemon League Champion. As a complement to past installments, character settings, training mechanics, and graphics have been updated. With this later installment, gamers can expect double the fun.

The Search for Emulators Begins

With Pokemon X & Pokemon Y being the first in the popular series to have full 3D graphics and with them among the more adventure-packed RPGs on the market, many gamers worldwide are wondering about the availability of Nintendo 3DS emulators. Just a few months after the games’ release, “Is there a Pokemon X and Pokemon Y emulator available?”, “Can I play Pokemon X and Y using a non-Nintendo 3DS device?”, “How can I continue playing Pokemon X/Y using Android, Windows or Mac?”, and similar questions whether players need a Nintendo 3DS console to play have been posted on different gaming forums.

While some appreciate the convenience of playing the game on their preferred devices, others can benefit from the fact that, with an emulator, spending around $200 for a 3DS is unnecessary. According to them, with a Nintendo emulator that they could avail of (free or for a low cost) on the internet, the alternative is cheaper.

Known Emulators for Windows & Mac

Windows and Macintosh users can also play Pokemon X & Pokemon Y even without a Nintendo 3DS or any Nintendo device. With there being crowds that could appreciate the convenience of trekking Pokemon regions in a computer monitor compared to navigating their way around using a small device, emulators are currently being developed.

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One of their options includes installing Ultima3DS - the first 3DS emulator that allows high-quality game-play. Since it’s fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and other commonly used Windows versions, and iPads, iPhones, iPod Touch devices, and other Mac systems, gamers who prefer using personal computers can still enjoy the game.

Known Emulators for Android

Although the Pokemon X & Pokemon Y games are unavailable in Google’s Play Store, gamers, who are using Android OS, can still play the creature-collecting games. As long as their devices meet system requirements, they’re good to go. First, they have to check the app description regarding their device’s capability. Then, on the Play Store, they can search for Nintendo emulators. Among the common ones are GBAiod, GBCoid, and DraStic. Finally, they can download the Pokemon games from ROM sites (i.e. sites where ripped versions of the game can be downloaded).