Proprietary Hand Held Device Delivers Greater Efficiency

02/18/2015 03:17

Digital Dispatcher, certainly one of North America’s leaders in revolutionary handheld efficiency enhancing systems for the HVAC business, has developed a proprietary handheld mobile device, named DIGITAL-SERVICE. Most HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) technicians devote a considerable level of the workday sorting via copies of work orders, translating illegible service appointments notes, and navigating to the subsequent appointment. The DIGITAL-SERVICE mobile device provides HVAC techs a streamlined, high-tech procedure that circumvents these inefficient tasks.

DIGITAL-SERVICE technology links cutting edge ruggedized Andriod devices (Clever Phones, Lap Pads, and so forth) to dispatch in addition to a central documentation application. This shift from the old walkie-talkie devices (like those used by UPS/Fedx) or the old radio-based dispatch and paper documentation method gives Technicians much more accurate routing and swift, electronic access to customer files.

“This technique has been evolving for over 14 years all inside true high op-tempo metro operations. ten years ago Digitial Dispatcher started installing it in operations throughout the Usa and Canada.” says Tom Duffy, Founder of Digital Dispatcher and former owner of Kelley Service “Having access to real-time information allows our technicians to work DIGITAL-SERVICE and schedule a lot more appointments per week.”

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The time-savings begin with dispatch. Prior to DIGITAL-SERVICE, techs radioed back and forth with all the dispatch center for routing details and confirmation, involving a number of minutes of waiting. Some minutes multiple times per day instances 10-100 technicians results in some pretty higher numbers, numbers that represent lost time and money. DIGITAL-SERVICE permits genuine time communication between technicians and dispatchers circumventing this pricey delay. Place Tracking inside the device ensures technicians are given one of the most effective route to the next appointment, saving time, gas and redundant radio time. The system even supplies audible turn by turn directions.

“Our customers say their typical ticket cost goes up 15%,” says Tom Duffy. “DIGITAL-SERVICE ensures the techs present added merchandise and services to improve a customer’s indoor comfort and ensures our technicians bill accurately.”