Technologies because the Enabler of Results: The Union of Standards and Resources

02/11/2015 02:43

The connection with Gould, in which Digital Dispatcher provides real-time intelligence about fleet management and point-of-sale (POS) processing, is important to this broader conversation about preserving a company's values though forwarding its long-term objectives with new technologies.

In this instance, Android tablets or smartphones - installed in every truck, to capture data from existing electronic registers - give Gould’s customers real-time intelligence in regards to the completion of a transaction along with a vehicle's location, wirelessly relaying pertinent fleet management content material to a specified dispatcher and billing employees.

Notice, also, that the integration of these tasks, such as the usage of this tool by a company's accounting staff, makes a company much more communicative when eliminating paperwork; it unites workers and managers, not in an adversarial or intrusive style, but within a copacetic marriage of cooperation and fidelity towards precisely the same goal: Results.

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That good results, which other enterprises can emulate, is about honoring eternal virtues (of leadership, honesty and decency) throughout the evolution of technologies. If a enterprise balances these forces - if it reconciles these critical principles, on the one particular hand, and important powers, around the other - then the outcome will probably be a case study in excellence.

To my fellow executives, I have just five words of assistance: Stay true for your roots. For, because the pictures fade and patriarchs slip the surly bonds of earth, what remains - what shall endure - is often a name. That name, your name, is a commodity worthy on the utmost protection, sustained by action and reinforced by technologies.